Microsoft Confirms That ‘Halo: Infinite’ Is Halo 6

Microsoft has repeated several times that it will eventually stop production on Halo games. Can this statement be trusted by anyone? Well, you can continue reading to discover the end of this story. It became a huge surprise to fans and enthusiasts when the franchise decided to unleash a new game at E3 event. The new game the company gave fans is Halo: Infinite and nothing more. According to Jeff Easterling, it’s a fact that the revealed game is actually Halo 6. Jeff maintained that the newly revealed game was not called Halo 6 for a special reason.

Halo: Infinite

Even in a Mixer broadcast that took place recently, Jeff repeated that the new game is nothing but Halo 6. He keeps on telling people to see the new game taking the position of Halo 6. It should not be received as if the company did something wrong or weird. Jeff continues by saying the new game remains the next chapter and story of the franchise’s plan. With this simple explanation, it is clear that Jeff holds his ground on the new game being called Halo 6.

According to Chris Less, the Studio head, Halo: Infinite remains a direct story from the Halo 5: Guardians playbook. The information at hand reveals that the new game will be cascaded on Master Chief. This is because, in Halo 5, time is completely divided between Agent Locke and Chief. Information after one another is proving to people that Halo: Infinite is simply Halo 6.

It is nice to get an idea from 343 about the complete deal on Halo: Infinite. Nevertheless, there are more things that people have not been able to comprehend at the moment. At E3, the trailer of the game remains great and impressive. The storyline is basically for Slipspace, a new game engine and not for all consoles. At the moment, it is unclear if Microsoft has any gameplay for the new game.

Rumors have floated that people can watch the game coming in two variations. It means that by the end of 2019, there will be the release of single-player. The multiplayer version will be released around 2020. The truth is that nothing has been confirmed at this moment. 343 have also mentioned that the developers are careful about how things play their way. This particularly special when talking about Halo: Infinite. According to 343, players will be shown a new direction and level with this new game.

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The information in this content may be filled with mixed messages. The possibility that anything here is one hundred percent may not be sure. Even 343 is not taking matters into their hand and rushing things concerning Halo: Infinite.

Halo: MCC and Halo 5 continue to receive more refreshes and updates while the upcoming game is yet to storm the public view. Maybe the expectations in this content about the new game should be lowered until release. This is the best way to resolve any problem relating to doubt.