Acer GN246HL 24-Inch 3D Gaming Monitor Review

Acer GN246HLBbid is the 24-inch gaming monitor designed specifically for avid gamers who are looking for speedy top notch monitor for speedy games. However, your CPU needs to have a right graphics card to reap maximum benefits out of this monitor. This 3D gaming monitor by Acer comes with a higher refresh rate of 144Hz and delivers response time of 1ms. Besides, the monitor is equipped with Nvidia’s LightBoost technology which is all-exclusive for gamers who want to reduce motion blur and image tearing while playing high-end games on the monitor. The monitor is reasonably priced and you can purchase it with the amount below $200, thereby making it the Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 US Dollars.

Build Quality and Design

Acer GN246HLBbid is the series belonging to Predator category which surpasses the expectation of a gaming display. The monitor comes with high gloss stand in X shape that offers decent stability while gaming. The monitor can be tilted backward and forward by 15 and 5 degrees respectively. The display lacks in pivot and height adjustments but has VESA 100×100mm holes which can be used to place the monitor comfortably on the stand.

The bezels of the monitor are not up to the mark but have a high gloss finish which makes it look little distracting when it reflects the ceiling lights. The OSD buttons are situated at the bottom of the display at the right-hand corner of the monitor. Since there is no label for the OSB buttons on bezels of the monitor, you can press any key to get the pop-up menu, thereby giving your access to empowering technology option which can let you change the color modes and monitor volume and other inputs.

Connectivity and the OSD

On the back panel of the monitor, you will find the DVI, HDMI and VGA inputs with a 3.5mm aux output. But the Display Port input is missing in the monitor so you will not be able to handle both the audio and refresh rate as the DVI port only carries the video. There is the provision to connect speakers directly to the sound card of the monitor and you can run stereo from the monitor directly. There are no built-in speakers in the monitor and you can connect external speakers using the 3.5mm aux output.

The OSD buttons are a bit difficult to use because the buttons are not labeled on the bezel of the monitor. The OSD buttons allow you to adjust the LightBoost level, ACM, color temperature and the contrast level of the monitor.

Performance of Acer GN246HLBbid

The Acer GN246HLBbid is designed with a TN panel and comes with the resolution of 1920×1080p and the display delivers a refresh rate of 144Hz when it is used in combination with the right cable. The monitor lacks in zero input lag mode which you would find in other higher monitors for gaming. Moreover, there are no options to change the default response time and the monitor suffers from a bit of ghosting.

The monitor is equipped with Nvidia’s LigthBoost Technology which improves the response time and is compatible with almost all graphics cards. Since it is designed with TN panel, the viewing angles can be changed for comfortable viewing. The color accuracy is perfect because it uses Sypder5Elite where 99% of sRGB color space can be achieved and this is the most interesting thing about this gaming monitor. The monitor comes with maximum brightness levels of 323cs/m2 which is quite brighter than the budget displays and this makes it the Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 US Dollars.

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