Microsoft Confirms That ‘Halo: Infinite’ Is Halo 6

Microsoft has repeated several times that it will eventually stop production on Halo games. Can this statement be trusted by anyone? Well, you can continue reading to discover the end of this story. It became a huge surprise to fans and enthusiasts when the franchise decided to unleash a new game at E3 event. The new game the company gave fans is Halo: Infinite and nothing more. According to Jeff Easterling, it’s a fact that the revealed game is actually Halo 6. Jeff maintained that the newly revealed game was not called Halo 6 for a special reason.

Halo: Infinite

Even in a Mixer broadcast that took place recently, Jeff repeated that the new game is nothing but Halo 6. He keeps on telling people to see the new game taking the position of Halo 6. It should not be received as if the company did something wrong or weird. Jeff continues by saying the new game remains the next chapter and story of the franchise’s plan. With this simple explanation, it is clear that Jeff holds his ground on the new game being called Halo 6.

According to Chris Less, the Studio head, Halo: Infinite remains a direct story from the Halo 5: Guardians playbook. The information at hand reveals that the new game will be cascaded on Master Chief. This is because, in Halo 5, time is completely divided between Agent Locke and Chief. Information after one another is proving to people that Halo: Infinite is simply Halo 6.

It is nice to get an idea from 343 about the complete deal on Halo: Infinite. Nevertheless, there are more things that people have not been able to comprehend at the moment. At E3, the trailer of the game remains great and impressive. The storyline is basically for Slipspace, a new game engine and not for all consoles. At the moment, it is unclear if Microsoft has any gameplay for the new game.

Rumors have floated that people can watch the game coming in two variations. It means that by the end of 2019, there will be the release of single-player. The multiplayer version will be released around 2020. The truth is that nothing has been confirmed at this moment. 343 have also mentioned that the developers are careful about how things play their way. This particularly special when talking about Halo: Infinite. According to 343, players will be shown a new direction and level with this new game.

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The information in this content may be filled with mixed messages. The possibility that anything here is one hundred percent may not be sure. Even 343 is not taking matters into their hand and rushing things concerning Halo: Infinite.

Halo: MCC and Halo 5 continue to receive more refreshes and updates while the upcoming game is yet to storm the public view. Maybe the expectations in this content about the new game should be lowered until release. This is the best way to resolve any problem relating to doubt.

Acer GN246HL 24-Inch 3D Gaming Monitor Review

Acer GN246HLBbid is the 24-inch gaming monitor designed specifically for avid gamers who are looking for speedy top notch monitor for speedy games. However, your CPU needs to have a right graphics card to reap maximum benefits out of this monitor. This 3D gaming monitor by Acer comes with a higher refresh rate of 144Hz and delivers response time of 1ms. Besides, the monitor is equipped with Nvidia’s LightBoost technology which is all-exclusive for gamers who want to reduce motion blur and image tearing while playing high-end games on the monitor. The monitor is reasonably priced and you can purchase it with the amount below $200, thereby making it the Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 US Dollars.

Build Quality and Design

Acer GN246HLBbid is the series belonging to Predator category which surpasses the expectation of a gaming display. The monitor comes with high gloss stand in X shape that offers decent stability while gaming. The monitor can be tilted backward and forward by 15 and 5 degrees respectively. The display lacks in pivot and height adjustments but has VESA 100×100mm holes which can be used to place the monitor comfortably on the stand.

The bezels of the monitor are not up to the mark but have a high gloss finish which makes it look little distracting when it reflects the ceiling lights. The OSD buttons are situated at the bottom of the display at the right-hand corner of the monitor. Since there is no label for the OSB buttons on bezels of the monitor, you can press any key to get the pop-up menu, thereby giving your access to empowering technology option which can let you change the color modes and monitor volume and other inputs.

Connectivity and the OSD

On the back panel of the monitor, you will find the DVI, HDMI and VGA inputs with a 3.5mm aux output. But the Display Port input is missing in the monitor so you will not be able to handle both the audio and refresh rate as the DVI port only carries the video. There is the provision to connect speakers directly to the sound card of the monitor and you can run stereo from the monitor directly. There are no built-in speakers in the monitor and you can connect external speakers using the 3.5mm aux output.

The OSD buttons are a bit difficult to use because the buttons are not labeled on the bezel of the monitor. The OSD buttons allow you to adjust the LightBoost level, ACM, color temperature and the contrast level of the monitor.

Performance of Acer GN246HLBbid

The Acer GN246HLBbid is designed with a TN panel and comes with the resolution of 1920×1080p and the display delivers a refresh rate of 144Hz when it is used in combination with the right cable. The monitor lacks in zero input lag mode which you would find in other higher monitors for gaming. Moreover, there are no options to change the default response time and the monitor suffers from a bit of ghosting.

The monitor is equipped with Nvidia’s LigthBoost Technology which improves the response time and is compatible with almost all graphics cards. Since it is designed with TN panel, the viewing angles can be changed for comfortable viewing. The color accuracy is perfect because it uses Sypder5Elite where 99% of sRGB color space can be achieved and this is the most interesting thing about this gaming monitor. The monitor comes with maximum brightness levels of 323cs/m2 which is quite brighter than the budget displays and this makes it the Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 US Dollars.

3 Best Android Streaming Apps To Get Movies And TV Shows For Free

Entertainment has become an immeasurable part of daily lives. Now and then we need to relax our brains and just watch a few movies and TV shows. But it is not always possible to wait around for your favourite shows and movies to be broadcasted in your television. To rectify this, Android streaming apps were developed. Now you can stream videos at any time of the day, without any hassle. These apps also allow you to stream videos outside the bounds of your home, using just your mobile phone. So you can basically carry your entertainment with you wherever you go.

Since there is a lot of demand for Android movie streaming, there are several apps that support such features. In this article we are going to discuss about three such popular apps that are worth your time and bound to give you a delightful streaming experience.


The ShowBox is a popular movie, TV shows and series streaming app that is supported on all platforms that run on Android. This app is completely free from subscriptions. Hence it enables you to stream and watch movies for an unlimited duration without any installation payments. The extremely smooth interface, makes this app ideal for binge watching your favourite movies and shows. It picks out movies from third party sources and lets you stream the video in high definition. If you have a good device, you can even go as high as full HD (1080 P). Though it is an Android app, the ShowBox will not be available in your phone’s Google Play Store. You will have to download it from other online sources. There are several reliable websites that allow you to download ShowBox APK file for free. After downloading this file, run it and install it in your system. Apart from streaming, the app also lets you download videos and store them to watch later in offline mode.


Crackle is one of the oldest movie and TV shows streaming platform that is supported on virtually any device. Smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, web browser and streaming payers, no platform is out of reach for Crackle. Apart from Android, Crackle is also compatible with iOS and even certain Play Stations. The interface is well thought out and highly organised and is aimed at giving you the best possible streaming experience. There is no unnecessary and time consuming mandatory login procedures or protocols. With unlimited free access, this is the ideal platform to start a movie marathon. The list of movies is constantly upgraded and new fresh content is added every month. So with this, you will never run out of shows to watch. This also boasts full length episodes of well sought out TV shows like S.W.A.T. and Stranger than fiction.


The Viewster is another free movie app, which like the Crackle is supported on multiple devices and platforms.  The search option of this app is highly advanced and interactive. You can filter and sort your choices based on language, genre, movie titles and many other distinct divisions. This app also provides options that lets you read through the biography pages with extra information with respect to the actors, watch new movie trailers and read the latest news from the entertainment industry. Apart from typical movie genres, this app also boasts a wide collection of animation feature films and anime. If you want a break from mainstream stuff, then Viewster has the solution for that too. It has many documentaries and flicks that are not usually available in other similar apps.

Effect Of Hard Water On Your Kitchen Utensils

Just like the skin, hard water has the capability to affect your kitchen utensils as well. When there is a reduction in the flow rate, your plumbing will be affected by hard water. The pH levels of hard water can also lead to erosion. Water softener reviews have made it easier for people to know the impact of their kitchen utensils through this scenario. The kitchen is loaded with tons of appliances, dishes, cups and other cooking utensils. This article will unveil some kitchen materials that can be affected by hard water.

Mugs, Cups And Plastic Containers:

Mugs, cups and other containers in the kitchen can be greatly affected by hard water. If you always engage in cooking in the kitchen, there is every possibility to make use of plastic containers, cups or mugs to collect water from the tap. The water that comes directly from the tap contains a lot of minerals and contaminants. These contaminants can pile on or accumulate to form brownish colour. This is to show that the hard water has not been able to exchange its ions. This can in-turn reduces the life of your mugs or cups.


Whenever you put your glasses in the dishwasher, try to check them properly, time and again. One sign that you are using hard water is the scaling feature of the dishwasher. If this continues to occur, the dishwasher will eventually break down or develop a serious problem.

Kitchen Sink:

In most instances, people do not often check the nature of their kitchen. Provided they can lean with soap and water they usually believe everything is over. Well, the water you use in cleaning the sink will either make or break it. The sink can start developing a yellowish brown colour after using it for some time. This is a clear manifestation of using hard water. The minerals in the hard water may even cause clogging for your kitchen sink.


Dishes either glass or plastic can also experience the same just like mugs, cups or containers, provided it is hard water. The effect of hard water knows no bound once it occurs. When soap and hard water goes over dishes, there is every possibility for residues to remain. These residues may build up in every part of your dishes, thereby causing bad odour and decolouration.

Water Heater:

The magnesium and calcium in hard water can prevent the flow of water through the heater. In most cases, it will lead to clogging when the pile on is much. When this occurs, it can destroy the normal operation of the water heater.


Most kitchen utensils can be used for collecting or delivering water one way or the other. When the deposit of minerals in the water is beyond retention, it will begin to have effect on your kitchen utensils. The best way to handle this condition is water softener reviews. These reviews will help you discover effective and reliable ways to keep your kitchen utensils safe. It will also give you more ideas on how to treat your hard water.

How to Make Hard Water Safe for Drinking at Home?

By definition, hard water is water that is rich in calcium and magnesium mineral ions. Generally, speaking this type of water is not harmful to your health. In fact, calcium and magnesium are vital to the development of strong bones. So, this type of water can actually be good for you. Nevertheless, as you probably have already learnt there are many drawbacks to using this kind of water. These drawbacks range from the damage of kitchen appliance to dry and flaky skin. Additionally, drinking hard water can be harmful to your health since excessive intake of calcium can be dangerous. Research has shown that intake of calcium can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Thus, it is important that you soften hard water to make it safe for drinking. Below are some of the ways you can make hard water safe.

Use an ion exchange filter

This is more of a temporary measure of keeping hard water at bay. Ion exchange filters do not actually remove all the minerals that make water hard. However, they can be a great option for coffee lovers. This is because most people hate the taste of soft water coffee. With an ion filter, all you need to do is attach it to your faucet. Alternatively, you can buy a pitcher ion filter for storing drinking water. Most faucet attachment filters come with a switch off valve. This means you can switch between soft and hard water easily.

Boil the water

Another temporary means of dealing with hard water is boiling. Boiling removes certain minerals and thus best used to deal with temporary hardness. The process of softening temporary hardness entails boiling the water for some few minutes and then letting it cool. The cooling will result in the mineral ions being deposited at the bottom of the water. It is important to note that this method will not work on all hard water.

Use water softeners

The most effective means of making hard water safe is using water softeners. Water softeners replace calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. This results in water that does not lead to scale build up and is not irritating to the skin. There are two types of water softeners, salt based and non-salt water softeners. While salt-based softeners make hard water soft, non-salt softeners only prevent the build up of scale on surfaces. For efficiency go for salt-based softeners that eliminate hardness and make the water in your home better for use.


There are several benefits to drinking hard water. However, these benefits are not worth it when you consider the many disadvantages of hard water. Therefore, it is wise to deal with hard water. If you are unsure of whether you use hard water you can use water testing kits. On the other hand, if you have already seen the signs of water hardness it may be time to buy a water softener. A quick look at online water softener reviews, reveals the wide variety of options you have at your disposal.